a chance encounter

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Yesterday I had a chance encounter with my esteemed opponent.

I was at the American Legion Post 5 luncheon at Piccadilly. While I was standing in line, I looked back toward the door and saw Senator Henry walk in.

I moved to the rear of the line to speak with him. As always, we had a very cordial conversation. Say what you will of him, no one can deny that he is a kind gentleman of the highest order.

At one point, Senator Henry asked me, “Mister Krumm, Do you know who the speaker is today?” He was visibly shocked when I told him, “You’re looking at him.”

I really wanted him to stay for the whole thing, and told him so. But he, probably not wanting to appear like another notorious party crasher, said that he was just going to get his lunch and leave before I spoke, so as to give me my time.

I do wish that Senator Henry had stayed. I think he would have been happy to hear the kind words I said about him during my remarks.

And besides, it might finally have given some voters an opportunity to see us together, and ask questions of both of us.

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5 Responses to “a chance encounter”

  1. Mike Faulk Says:

    You, sir, show the class of a statesman – a senator.

  2. Mary Mancini Says:

    I agree. You’re the kind of guy who could bring this country together. Have you given any thought to starting your own party?

  3. Gerald Smith Says:

    Yes, you handled it right. However, Mr. Henry still appears to be running from the voters as opposed to meeting with the voters. What a wonderful chance he had to discuss the issues. The voters deserved at least that.

  4. bob Says:

    You’re too kind. But yes, I have given thought to starting my own party. Right here. And our first organizational meeting is next Tuesday. You, of course, are invited.

  5. Rick Forman Says:

    Ever feel like you have been running against a cardboard cutout? A perfect ad would have been you debating a cardboard cutout.

    Best wishes and early congrats on your victory Senator Krumm.

    Wow, has a good ring to it.