educators win one over the bureaucrats

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Liz Garrigan follows up her earlier blog entry about the KIPP charter school controversy in the Nashville Scene’s print edition today.  She again defends KIPP in its struggle to educate some of Nashville’s under-served children, all the while Nashville’s public school system appears to be more concerned with securing its bureaucratic turf.

. . . there is no school in Nashville doing more to close the performance gap between black students and white, rich and poor, than KIPP. This rigorous academic bastion, which is transforming underperforming students into high-achieving, college-bound learners, struggles six long days a week . . . to accomplish some pretty heady goals. It shouldn’t have to wear body armor when it is arguably the best school in the Metro system, when its motivations are unimpeachable, and when it’s on the right side of the law to boot.

Further refinement of Tennessee’s charter school laws will go a long way to helping schools like KIPP to focus on winning the battle against the lack of education among impoverished children, instead of having to spend valuable resources fighting the public school system.

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  1. sbk Says:

    Here’s an in depth article about the proliferation of charter schools in NO in the aftermath a Katrina. For anyone interested in the whole charter school issue it’s a good read–poor children, under performing schools, corrupt school board, innovation…