what is the most important issue?

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From time to time, I want to ask you what you think about certain issues.  The first question is what do you think is the most important issue that will confront Tennessee during the next year?

Please answer and comment below.  I’d like to know what you think.  You can only vote once, so if you’re torn between two or more answers, explain why in the comment section.


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8 Responses to “what is the most important issue?”

  1. Joe Lance Says:

    I voted for “Lowering the sales tax on food.” It seems pretty obvious. Also, diapers don’t get the current 1% reduction that food does. Baby’s gotta have ‘em.

    However, I appreciate your listing the first item there, and I think it’s an important goal for the next GA to get started on. I just don’t think one session will do it.

  2. john h Says:

    Thanks for letting ‘US’ vote. Lowering the obscenely high sales tax on food should be the top priority of the GA. As Joe says above, restoring trust is more than a one term job.

    Of course, treating the wonderful state employees, esp. those in the Health Department is pretty dang important as well (o:

  3. George Rand Says:

    I voted for restoring trust, but not in the way it’s usually interpreted. And it is precisely because it is more than a one term job. It is in the broadest sense that it is most important. We need to restore trust that the GA prioritizes issues and votes in accordance with their principles on what is in the best interests of good government; not how they can pander and posture to perpetuate themselves in office, by “buying” the most votes with other people’s money. Because it is the key to all the other issues and more than a one term job, we must make it the number one priority. The entire GA should follow your lead, and neither lie, cheat, or steal; nor tolerate those who do. And too often we forget the later, in the name of “compromise”, “coalition building” or in far too many cases just venal “going along to get along”.

  4. kevin barbieux Says:

    It would be interesting to see the results of the same questions placed on a Democrat candidate blog.

  5. George Rand Says:

    Don’t hold your breath until you see it on Doug Henry’s.

  6. dsmith Says:

    Definately controlling (and legislating) illegal immigration. This should be THE topic of this general assembly.

    Three people have been killed on Nashville roads because of people who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

    Serpas has said this is a federal issue, hence the reason for the state and GA to adopt laws to prosecute these illegals, to the fullest extend of the law.

    Hell, drug laws are federal too. But, states have adopted those laws so they can prosecute the crimes themselves. The same would work with illegal immigration. Oh, and go after employers who KNOWINGLY hire illegals.

  7. Rick Forman Says:

    Restoring trust. Which accordingly would address the other issues.

    How does the GA restore trust?

    By reducing the burden of government on the citizenry.

    Ah but that’s just a pipe dream. If you look at the agenda of the NCLS meeting in Nashville this week all you will find are seminars and meetings about continuing the status quo by growing government which of course increases the burden on the citizenry.

  8. MGal Says:

    “Three people have been killed on Nashville roads because of people who shouldn’t have been here in the first place.”

    I don’t hold this as a justifiable reason for legislation. I’m not arguing that we need to do something, we do. I just don’t see this as a singular reason.

    3 were killed by people who shouldn’t be here, how many have been killed by those who should? There are just as many stupid red-blooded Americans out there as there are illegals.

    I personally voted other. Restoring trust and increasing funding for education are both top in my mind.