peddlers of political filth

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There’s a photo of US Senate candidate Bob Corker’s daughter making the rounds on the internet thanks to two political hacks.  The picture purportedly shows a college-aged Miss Corker kissing another woman. 

What was the context?  Was it a dare?  A lost bet?  A sorority hazing stunt?  The party hacks don’t tell us that; they only point out the prurient picture as a means of attacking Mayor Corker. 

Actually the context doesn’t matter.  The whole picture doesn’t matter at all–not if what we’re supposed to be talking about is who should represent Tennessee in the US Senate for the next six years.

This is the type of personal-destruction-politics-as-usual that I’m running against.  I abhor the idea that a candidate’s family–especially private family members who haven’t even been made a part of the campaign–are fair game. 

They are not.  They are husbands and wives, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.  They are not targets.  They are people, frail and flawed, just like all people and all families. 

There isn’t a one of us who doesn’t have a crazy aunt, a drunk brother-in-law, a gay cousin, or worse.  Part of me would love to see those two political hacks have their family’s secrets exposed on the internet.  But they’re not worth the effort.  They’ve already demeaned themselves with their sideshow.  Nor should their families be made to suffer.

My campaign for State Senate will not delve into the negative.  I have no interest in digging into the personal lives of Senator Henry and his children.  By all accounts he is a good man with a good family, and I have no intention of altering that record.  I know, too, that he won’t stoop to that level against me and those close to me.

But if there are still political hacks out there who would rather attack my family than have an honest debate about important issues confronting Tennessee, then I suppose I should let out some of my family’s secrets now.  I’ll start with the fact that just last evening my two-year-old son soiled both himself and the carpet. 

But at least he didn’t have nearly as much stench about him as those who peddle political filth.

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Over at Nathan and Sarah’s place, they’re also discussing this story.  One of the commenters recalled the story of a young staffer on HFJ’s campaign who had also posed for some risque photos that then traversed the internet.  She was getting much grief at the time for “proving right” the image that Rep. Ford is a playboy.

In response to that “scandal”, I remarked that were it a Republican with these photos in her past, “the same people now saying that this is no one’s business, would be all over this story because it proves ‘hypocrisy.’”

Some have obviously proved right my prediction of hypocrisy.  But others like Sean Braisted, have been consistent in their denunciation of personal smear politics.  Good for him.  Neither lady’s pictures are relevant to Tennessee’s future.

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2 Responses to “peddlers of political filth”

  1. Sharon Says:

    First off, the fact that anyone thinks there is anything wrong with that picture in 2006 is not a good sign, but particularly bad that the so called liberals are using it.
    And as you said, no one knows the context of the photo. Nonetheless, it is totally not relevant to the campaign.
    Just a reminder, Alan Keyes has a gay daughter,(I didn’t out her, it’s public) so does that make Keyes a bad conservative?
    Get over it, people! How pathetic that you’re more concerned about two boys or girls kissing than two boys or girls dying in Iraq.

  2. brittney Says:

    Maybe that’s her girlfriend.