i want to apologize

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If you have sent me an email recently, I may not have received it until just now.  I just found that I have 276 email messages in my junk mail folder.  Even my weekly junk email report has ended up in my junk mail folder.  Most of the messages are junk.  (Lots of “enlargement” ads.)  But many are not.  I’m going through them now and responding to everyone as quickly as I can.

Please know that I am not intentionally avoiding anyone.  I believe very strongly in the idea that public servants should make themselves more available to the public.  To that end, the internet, email, and the blogosphere are great tools.  Unfortunately,they are not without their drawbacks.


Bob Krumm

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One Response to “i want to apologize”

  1. TV Says:

    Krummy! How I’ve missed you. I haven’t been reading blogs lately. Hope your campaign is going well.