bumping into knuckleheads at a bipartisan barbecue

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Politics is a funny business. 

So, I have this fundraiser a while back, and there’s this one guy there who seems out of place. I’ve never met him before.  He doesn’t appear to know anyone else either.  I introduce him to people there, and generally try to help him feel at ease, but all the while, there’s this voice in my head saying, “Something’s not quite right.”

Fast forward to today, when I go out to grab a quick bite to eat at my favorite new barbecue joint, where I see him again.  He looked more at ease this time.  Probably because he’s surrounded by people he knows better:  the staff of the Tennessee Democratic Party.


Actually, I’m flattered.  Flattered that they think enough of my candidacy to invest time and energy checking me out.  And I’m thankful that at least they paid to attend my event, instead of trying to sneak in and drink free beer and eat free chicken

But I’m left with some questions for Bob Tuke:

1.  I have to file quarterly statements with the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance.  Do I have the right name and employer in my files, or do I need to change them so that I can render an accurate report?

2. Will you be listing a campaign contribution to the Committee to Elect Bob Krumm as an expense of the Tennessee Democratic Party on your next quarterly report?  I can’t wait to see that.

3.  Should I address future invitations directly to you at your home or at the state Democratic Party headquarters?  You’re welcome to attend–especially the fundraisers.  Please bring plenty of friends to those!

But you can attend the free events, too.  You see, I’m not going to tell one group one thing, while I’m telling a different group something else.  So if you’re there seeing who shows up, that’s fine.  But if you’re there trying to catch me in a trap, you’re wasting your time.  But you’re still welcome to try.

I understand that these kinds of things happen in politics.  Just a few years ago, I myself attended a campaign event hosted by an opposition candidate just to see what he might say, so I know how hard it is to blend into a crowd of opposites. 

But let me just offer a piece of advice:  When you’re sneaking around on someone, it’s best not to visit a restaurant they recommended, or you shouldn’t be surprised when you bump into them at lunch.

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8 Responses to “bumping into knuckleheads at a bipartisan barbecue”

  1. brittney Says:

    Ha! That’s great.

    What a weird thing to do. Spying, right here in Nashville–who knew?!

  2. Diane Says:

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but why are you assuming that this guy is a spy if he paid to get in your fundraiser? Maybe he is a supporter even if he is a Democrat. Maybe he liked what he read on your blog and came to see what you had to say in person.

    Of course, if he was a supporter or was thinking about supporting you, that is a thing of the past now that you insulted him in public.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Diane makes an exceedingly good point.

  4. bob Says:

    Diane and Sharon,
    I’m getting a lot of support from Democrats in my race, but I don’t think I’m getting so much from the staff of the TN Democratic Party.

    Read the Knucklehead’s acount of the encounter at the lunch counter, and you’ll see that the possibility you mentioned isn’t at all likely.

  5. Ralph Says:

    It looks like the \”account of the encounter\” was written by the owner of the restaurant not the \”Knucklehead,\” as you call him.

    My response, Bob, grow up. Your post shows that you are way too thin-skinned and touchy for the rough and tumble world of politics.

    As Diane said, if you had any Democratic support, you blew it by the way you acted. Of course, I have heard of no support for you other than your handful of blogger friends.

  6. Nathan Moore Says:

    The owner of the restaurant is the Knucklehead.

    And if Bob had “no support”, why did the Tennessee Democratic Party feel compelled to snoop around? What could they possibly have to fear in a race pitting (sorry Bob) a political neophyte against a fifty year veteran of the Legislature?

    In life there is the unlikely, the possible, the probable, and the certain. This activity falls well within the latter. Those criticizing Bob’s noting of some sloppy Democratic reconnaissance are swimming neck deep in the unlikely. If a member of the Democratic leadership wanted to support Bob’s efforts, he wouldn’t show up at fundraisers to do it, effectively throwing it in Doug Henry’s face – that’s the kind of thing you do through the backdoor.

    So…they spied, they got caught. And it’s funny, and shows that Bob is considered a threat to Henry’s reelection chances. Sounds like a good start to a big fundraiser to me.

    (one of those blogger friends supporting Bob, who happens to be an involved Republican with a day job, who doesn’t just blog in his pajamas and live in a vaccuum)

  7. S-townMike Says:

    I’m getting a lot of support from Democrats in my race

    I’d like to see all of those non-anonymous Dems step up and comment on their support of the Krumm campaign here. Appearing bi-partisan when one is really not is an oft-used campaign tactic. Bob claims to have broader appeal. Unless broader means “Dems to the right of Zell Miller,” I don’t believe it.

  8. Ralph Says:

    A little late to the party, but whatever . . .

    Don\’t political parties send people to events for the other political party all the time? Hell, Bob, do you not have supporters that will go to Democratic events?

    No, wait, that would require supporters. My bad.