taking a bridge in the war on pork

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There has been far too little good news on the spending restraint front.  So little in fact, that Republicans in Congress, will deservedly pay a political price for their porcine parties this November.

However, even though we’re far from victory in the war on pork, we should still celebrate taxpayer victories over government waste whenever we find them.¬†

One such victory occurred earlier this week:

On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to prohibit federal funds from being used to build a celebrated bridge to connect the Alaska town of Ketchikan to Gravina Island, population 50.

. . . Heritage Foundation budget experts had called the $320 million bridge “perhaps the most unworthy federal construction project in history.” It would have been as long as the Golden Gate Bridge and rise 80 feet higher than the Brooklyn Bridge. Then again, Senator Lisa Murkowski’s relatives own land on remote Gravina Island — which perhaps explains how this boondoggle got as far as it did.

There is more on the story here (registration required).

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3 Responses to “taking a bridge in the war on pork”

  1. Rick Forman Says:

    Now if they would do the same thing with Sen. Lott’s $700 million pot to move a railroad for his Mississippi river boat gambling buddies.

    This is business as usual from the District of Corruption all the way down to the local housing inspector.

    By the time a politician is elected to national office he has been well educated on the practice of legal bribery and influence peddling. You think Stevens realized the credibility cloud over his head as he threatened resignation or has his influence been purchased at such a high price that he fears the devil will want to collect his debt early?

  2. CeeElCee Says:

    Hi Bob,

    It was good to meet you while we both fought our own war on pork at the Mothership today. I’m pretty sure at least one pig lost his battle against me…


  3. bob Says:

    Good to see you too. I’ve also tried to do my share to win the war on pork. One rib cage at a time.