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Didn't she want to sponsor this bill?  So why did she vote against it?


John Rodgers adds more to the Thelma Harper saga this morning:

“You can have a museum and all of those other things, and I can sponsor it, but we don’t need someone from Shelbyville sponsoring the bill that’s here,” she added. “It’s proper protocol … when they come into my business district, I should be allowed to represent my businesses. That’s what I’ve done all along.”

Tracy said lobbyists from Bass, Berry & Sims PLC, of which Brown-Forman is a client, asked Harper to co-sponsor the bill with Tracy. But Harper said she did not want to play “second fiddle.”

If, as one commenter thought, there is audio of Ms. Harper throwing a "hissy fit," Jesse Tucker (her primary opponent) should be looking for a copy of it.

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3 Responses to “wait just a minute”

  1. Tom Says:

    Rumor has it Sen. Harper really threw another hissy fit during the discussion on this bill todayテ「竄ャツヲ repeatedly calling Sen. Tracy ‘disrespectful’ for coming into her ‘territory’ with such legislation. Proceeding to tell the committee tourism is big business for Nashvillle but only to vote ‘no’ purely out of selfishness for not being the sponsor. I haven’t seen video or audio of the hearing but if this is true, the Nashville City Paper and hopefully the Tennessean should humiliate her for her arrogance and putting herself before the economic development of her city. This isn’t the end of this bill.

  2. bob Says:

    I wonder if now she’ll vote for the exact same bill if she gets to sponsor it. I, too, hope there was audio.

    Again, these are the stupid legislative games I refuse to play. Bills deserve a fair hearing regardless of who the sponsor is. (With one caveat: bills sponsored by Stacey Campfield deserve a fair hearing and a spell checker.)

  3. Bob Krumm » favoritism and fiefdoms Says:

    [...] Remember the case of the Jack Daniels Museum?テつ The Lynchburg-based distiller wanted to build a private museum in downtown Nashville, part of Harper’s district.テつ They didn’t want any state money; they didn’t want any state land.テつ All they asked for was a waiver that allowed them to sell commemorative bottles of liquor at their gift shop.テつ Even though Harper supported the waiver, she voted against it because she was miffed that she wasn’t allowed sole sponsorship of the bill.テつ [...]