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Tennessee State Representative John Mark Windle is one of 32 legislators without an opponent in this year's election.  However, unlike the other 31, Windle won't raise or spend money on his non-campaign.

"At this point, I'm just not going to do it," Windle said Tuesday. "I think people are inundated with campaign stuff, and they need a break."

. . . Typically, those without opposition say they want to have some campaign funds on hand for incidental expenses such as sending flowers to a supporter's funeral or making small donations to area civic groups or charities.

"I'd rather do that out of my own pocket," Windle said.

If you'll recall, Windle is the representative who is also a major in the Tennessee National Guard, and spent last year in Iraq with the 278th ACR.

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    [...] I can think of only two permissible exceptions why a legislatorテつ might be allowed to vote from anywhere other than his desk. テつ (And no, Rep. Sherry Jones, Iテつ ”have to go toテつ the bathroom,” is not one of them.)テつ Those exceptions are hospitalization and military service.テつ Still, the exception should not permit a colleague to vote for them, but for their vote to be recorded via an alternate means–ie., telephonically, email, or video-conferencing. [...]