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Sarcastro pointed out yesterday that Nashville’s pro-illegal immigration rally was better planned than many other similar rallies around the country.

Unlike other minority and special interest groups.  The Hispanics are doing their’s after work.  That’s right, they make sure they put in 8 hours before going out for a flag waving stroll.  Despise and fear the immigrants if you wish, but don’t knock their work ethic.  Be it TennCare protestors or welfare queens or the horn honking taxtards or Mothers Against Irish Drivers or both sides of the abortion debate or those dumbass Not in Our Name broads, they all seem to have one thing in common.  Nothing better to do in the middle of the day than complain.   Not the Amigos.  They have the decency to wait until after rush hour has subsided and the courtesy to finish their chores first.

Hwever, there was one more thing rally organizers could have done to make themselves look less, well, foreign.

. . . opponents of amnesty believe that immigrants should come here legally and assimilate in American culture.

They said the message delivered by amnesty supporters at the end of the march should have been delivered in English.

Little stuff like that would help their cause. 

One other note about the whole immigration issue.  Much has been made about how this is splitting the GOP.  Certain news outlets and commentators seem to love focusing on that angle. 

Well, if my hours spent listening to Air America radio yesterday were any indication, this issue is splitting both sides.  Yesterday’s Randi Rhodes Show was actually tolerable–if not even pleasant.  Of course, it might be because  Thom Hartmann replaced Rhodes, who was out sick.  Hartmann actually made logical, instead of wishful, economic arguments.  He argued, and numerous callers agreed, that illegal immigration is an economic disaster for American workers and for the Mexican economy.  I don’t necessarily agree, but his anti-illegal immigration message was based on some economic sense rather than just vindictive and spite.

This is just one of those issues where you can’t look at the letter after someone’s name and automatically assume how they think.  In fact, I rather like how the issue is busting down labels.

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2 Responses to “workin for a livin”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    They said the message delivered by amnesty supporters at the end of the march should have been delivered in English.

    Little stuff like that would help their cause.

    I am not sure where this quote comes from (I can’t find it in the Tennessean article you linked to), but I wonder if they were even there. Every speech that I saw had a translator, or someone that was bilingual. Spanish into English and English into Spanish.

  2. bob Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. That first sentence came directly from the artile I linked to a few days ago. However, now, the sentence I quoted is gone. Actually the article doesn’t even seem to be the same. Perhaps it’s just been abridged.

    Noting changes is one of those areas where I think bloggers do a better job than newspapers. That article changed with no notice. That’s not quite right.