we’ve traced the idiocy; it’s coming from inside the house (and senate)

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The state’s two most powerful lawmakers could direct troopers to clear protesters from the streets and sidewalks around the Capitol under legislation on the fast track at the statehouse.

Sen. Charlotte Burks (remember her?) wants to give Jimmy Naifeh and John Wilder the authority to clear the citizenry from the streets.

Just let that sink in for a moment.

Now, I wasn’t happy about ADAPT’s protest last week.  Not because I agree or disagree with their position, but because they made a nuisance of themselves.  But the beauty of an unfettered First Amendment is that when somebody takes free speech too far, it often backfires on them and their cause.

Take a more extreme protest, flag burning, for example.  I, obviously, abhor the idea of burning the American flag under which I still proudly serve.  However, it has its purpose:  as James Taranto likes to point out, flag burning makes it a lot easier to “spot the idiot.”

Irrational and violent protestors do their cause a disservice by their illegal or vitreolic protests.  However, the response is not to outlaw protest, but to to vote against the idiots.

Those legislators who don’t want idiots parading outside the Capitol only confirm that the real idiots are inside.

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4 Responses to “we’ve traced the idiocy; it’s coming from inside the house (and senate)”

  1. Kay Brooks Says:

    A big NO from me on this proposal.

    I wasn’t happy about those ADAPT folks either, and when I was at the airport the next day I was glad to see them leaving. But it’ll be ADAPT this time and horn honkers next. As inconvenient as protesting is to legislators–it’s part of the job. We don’t need to give Wilder and Naifeh (or their Republican replacements) the power to silence us.

    And while Charlotte Burks may be a fine woman–legislation should not be offered based on the tears of people who had a clue all day that getting out might be tough but didn’t make arrangements.

    We’ve got a system and it obviously needed some tweaking for this differently abled population but we learned and I’m willing to bet Chief Serpas and his team won’t be caught unprepared next time.

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  3. mike hollihan Says:

    Imagine trying to have an anti-income tax protest under that new law. You just know that Naifeh and Wilder (should he return next session) will clear them out fast.

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