this is a mess, part two

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Knoxville’s upcoming elections will not be decided on election day.  Instead they’ll be decided in court.  Much of this could have been avoided if there were credible opponents qualified to run in each race.  Of course, all of this difficulty would have been avoided if people who didn’t think term limit laws applied to them, actually would have followed the law.

Speaking of which, no one who has yet hinted at running for a seat just vacated by Rep. McMillan.

All of this reminds me of one of my old Professors who used to joke with plebes that their girlfriends were going to ditch them, since the girls* were off at a real college while we were cloistered at West Point.  He advised that you “gotta keep a bench.”  He was right.

* For the ten percent of West Pointers who were female, the same lesson applied.


Counterintuitive though it might sound, this opinion from State Election Chief Brook Thompson probably makes sense:

“The election code does not provide for any alteration of the ballot within 40 days of an election,” Thompson told The Commercial Appeal.

Bailey and Kirk remain ineligible to serve another term because of the Supreme Court ruling, but people can still vote for them.

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  1. Mick Wright Says:

    well, it worked for them in New Jersey