term limits are constitutional

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a. This is a mess in Knoxville.

b. Does this ruling apply to the Mayor’s job in Nashville? What about the school board?

c.  I don’t always agree with Mayor Bill Purcell, but thank you, Mr. Mayor, for not running for a third term, and leaving Nashville in the same position in which Knoxville now finds itself.


Back room deal making is likely taking place in Knoxville today.  From Stacey Campfield comes the quote of the day (and no misspellings!)

If you are into politics this is like draft day and trading deadline for an expansion football team in one day.

This should be a lesson to political parties:  Never assume that an incumbent is safe or unbeatable.  There should always be a competent option on the ballot.

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2 Responses to “term limits are constitutional”

  1. Joseph A Nagy Jr Says:

    Thank you! Very well put. I just hope the commissioners take themselves off the ballots before the election commission does (which it should do, no questions asked)

  2. George Rand Says:

    I agree-”This should be a lesson to political parties” one apparently not learned by the DCRP by looking at the qualifiers for the May primary.