steve cohen to run for hfj’s seat

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Being that he is in a State Senate seat that is not up for reelection this year,  I assume that Steve Cohen won’t step down from his current position unless he wins the 9th Congressional race.  But if that happens, it will be a loss for the Tennessee Senate.

On some matters, Steve Cohen and I don’t agree, but on the most important issue in the state–governmental ethics–we agree a great deal.  Cohen is an intellecually honest and ethical legislator; those are qualities, that are, unfortunately, in short supply on Capitol Hill.

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4 Responses to “steve cohen to run for hfj’s seat”

  1. Jim Brown Says:

    Because of Steve’s leadership on the lottery issue my granddaughter is attending school at
    Our daugher, a single mom. is an assitant principal in Putnam County
    and on her salary was unbable to pay for her daughter’s schooling. The lottery
    scholarship is being used to get her degree. She too hopes to be a teacher.

    Again thanks to Steve and his leadership as a State Senator, and hopefully a US Representative.

  2. HJ Says:

    Gee. With the election upcoming, I hope we don’t start getting a lot of comments that sound like campaign commercials.

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    On the matter of Warren Zevon being one of the greatest singer songwriters to have ever lived, Steve and I see eye to eye.

  4. Bill Hobbs Says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Steve Cohen needs to blog, and I’d be happy to help him get started.