it’s all about the money

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This is why monopolies are bad and choice is good.

Eight students attending a local public charter school must cease doing so today or the school could face legal action.

. . . The decision is more about a power play than about anything else, she said.“Apparently in a meeting, MNPS officials said they needed to send the money to the kids’ zoned schools and they could do it only when these kids [attend those zoned schools],” Smithson said.

. . . The decision has parent Julia Fisher especially irate. Fisher said her daughter Precious Fisher, now in the second grade, originally attended Alex Green Elementary, a conventional public school.“At 6 years of age, she couldn’t read,” Fisher said. “She didn’t even know her ABCs or numbers and would come home crying every single day saying, ‘Mom, I’m doing the best I can.’” Fisher said her daughter is now reading beyond her grade level.

The City Paper obtained a copy of correspondence between Fisher and MNPS, dated Oct 29, 2004. It contains in Fisher’s handwriting the mother’s desire to send her child to SCA and her agreement to provide transportation to and from the school. At the bottom are signatures of Greg Patterson and Sandra Tinnon, MNPS’ executive tier directors for K-4 and 5-8, respectively, at the time. McMillin said the document is invalid because Fisher’s handwritten intent to provide transportation is not permissible.

. . . Fisher countered that Metro is simply trying to cover up its mistake, with her daughter having to pay for it.


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One Response to “it’s all about the money”

  1. Eric Holcombe Says:

    C’mon Bob, that half a BILLION budget has to come from somewhere…

    The real reason: Alex Green Elem. is in School Improvement 2 status for this year.

    That means they have completed their third straight year of not achieving Adequate Yearly Progress under the NCLB provisions (Hint: all of them so far).

    They need the good students from the charter schools to help boost scores (and keep their money). On the bright side, only four consecutive years of failure (and, additionally, lack of improvement for those four years)is required for parents (of certain sub-groups) to have the choice to move to other public schools. Too bad if your child suffered through all four + years. In other words, your child can be continually stuck in this sliding scale of improvement/improving status at their school. They only have to show progress one out of every three years or so to keep their money. The schools were allowed to set the bar as low as they wanted in the beginning, but it will be raised each year – thus it is harder for them to show progress the ‘behinder’ they get.

    This is also why homeschoolers should stay away from any offer of state funds via “vouchers” or why folks in the Fisher’s shoes shouldn’t get suckered into a “homeschool charter” arrangement (public school at home on a computer). Once you operate with the state’s money, you are subject to their whims. In all three examples, the school system shows no interest in the student – just the matching state/federal funds THEY receive. The fact that they don’t have to provide brick and mortar facilities or transportation is just another bonus – truly “money for nothin'”.