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Sharon Cobb left this in a comment, but I thought it deserved its own thread–especially since she doesn’t really have her own blog any longer.

(BTW, I wonder how people would react to a conservative potential candidate for office, were he to let his liberal friend guest blog for him?  Or, for that matter, how her friends would react to her for even having a conservative friend?)


BY: Sharon Cobb

Someone had to say it. I know I know. How very politically incorrect of me. It’s just that our mainstream media and most of out politicians have misplaced their balls.

As a Jew, I have been the target of threats and violence. My synagogue was painted with swastikas. Did we organize? You bet! We held strategy meetings with the entire community, the FBI and other supporters. But violence was NEVER an option.

I was at The Jewish Community Center a couple of years ago when a Palestinian woman walked in and started screaming “Death to all Jewish children!” She also made her way to West End Synagogue and Sherith Israel in Nashville. She was threatening, hysterical, and no one knew if she was armed or not. Guess what? We didn’t take to the streets screaming “Death to Arab children.” (For the record, we wish all children the best of everything) Instead, I drove to the Mosque on 12th Street and asked for their active and immediate participation to ward off further events like this.

In Bethlehem, as I type, Christians are being taunted and sabotaged and run out of their homes by Muslim extremists. Surely they are reacting to this and retaliating, right? Wrong! They’re praying for your sorry asses.

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a Buddhist reacting violently to the Dharma or the Dalai Lama being portrayed in a cartoon. His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, would probably ask the followers of Buddha to grow from the experience. The Dalai Lama rocks—as opposed to throwing them.

Would Jews be upset if you depicted us in gross stereotypes? You bet. It would take us no time at all to organize and lodge official complaints, boycott the offending parties and take legal action if appropriate.

What would Christians do in the same situation? They tend to speak out against their wack jobs like Phelps and Robertson.

I keep hearing from Muslims how beautiful Islam is, and that it is truly a peaceful religion. The problem is, you’re the most violent group of people on the planet. Whatever sympathy you might have garnered for Palestinian rights have long been diminished by the demonstration of your brethren. Case in point, you carried out suicide bombings out of desperation after years of oppression by the Israelis. Well, that sounded good. The problem is, you’ve demonstrated to the entire world that suicide bombings are your answer to almost every conflict for you. Murder is not only a common occurrence, but in fact is condoned by most Government officials in your world. Granted, beheadings, once the Friday night entertainment in soccer stadiums that were once exclusive to the rich and/or powerful, are now tactics available to the common man . Equality. Matzel Tov.

Darfur, anyone? Genocide abounds in the one place we should be fighting, instead of putting our service people in harms way to free the people who want to kill us.

So you thought someone insulted Islam with a cartoon. Let me suggest some ways for you to consider on how to react if this actually happens:

Go to your State Department or Ambassador and lodge an official complaint.
You know Americans are greedy. Boycott us. Quit buying those Eminem and 50 Cent cds. That’ll show us.
Unionize. Organized labor can be very effective. I’ve always been a big labor supporter. Also take into consideration your union can probably get you a good dental plan.
Get a good lawyer and sue for intentional infliction of emotional distress. Just Google Gloria Allred.

It’s just a cartoon. I want to believe that those of you who follow Islam have Allah in your heart, realize the cartoon can be replaced. The innocent people you are killing, however, cannot.

Do Jews and Christians have their wack jobs? You betcha. But even on their worst days they aren’t taking people hostage to behead because someone dissed them on page six.

So you say Islam is a peaceful religion. I don’t see it. I beg you to prove me wrong.

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5 Responses to “sharon on sharia”

  1. AlphaPatriot Says:

    The single most coherent thing Sharon’s ever written. Nice.

  2. Sharon Says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for posting this. It’s been extremely frustrating not having a voice in the blogosphere since Hamas was (predictably) elected.

    Smantix and Preston over at Six Meat Buffet have remained on top of this issue as have you, but for the most part it has been largely ignored in the Tennesse blogosphere.
    People in TN. need to know where the candidates for the US Senate from TN. stand on this issue. Only Ed Bryant has issued a response…and it was immediate. I requested a response from Van Hilleary, but never even got a form letter or email.
    I actually wrote a very similar piece when the whole Newsweek/Koran flushing incident happened, but decided not to post it because I was afraid they would retaliate against Jewish organizations. I ended up just emailing the piece to a few people. This time, however, their response to a cartoon is so over the top, I felt a response was appropriate.
    At Six Meat I posted the question, “How would you like these people living next door to you?” To put it in perspective, some of them are 1000 yards from Jerusalem.
    I hope politicians will consider that the next time they try to bully Israel into giving up land for a non existent peace.

  3. Vol Abroad Says:

    Yep, good going Sharon and good going Bob. I’d also like to ask the folks at 6MB how they’d like these folks living next door to them? I think they’re slightly freer to take a harder line in Tennessee than I am in London… not that I want to be taking quite as hard a line as they do. I have to fear both prosecution (see the Nick Griffin case) and discovery. As Sharon points out it’s not as if the extremists and I are using the same means of discourse.

    Muslims do live on my street (seem to be perfectly nice) but we’ve also had extremists living three doors down (scary, but quiet). There have been a number of terror arrests in my neighborhood. When I blogged about Babar Ahmad (awaiting extradition to the US), a member of his family who lives easy walking distance from me left a comment on my blog. It’s just not the same deal.

    Plus I work with Muslims and know Muslims who are really nice, fun people. These are people who quietly say to me that they think that although they really didn’t like the Danish cartoons – the burnings and protests on the streets of London were unacceptable.

    In Tennessee, you should be rightfully alarmed by the placards calling for beheadings. But this happened in MY city!! I’m FURIOUS. Furious and sad.

    In some ways, I’m less furious about those offensive placards than I am about the fact that despite many protesters in London more or less inciting violence, the only arrests made Friday were of two guys who were handing out copies of the cartoons and were demonstrating in support of the now endangered right of free speech.

  4. toni Says:

    Sharon – it needs to be said over and over again. And to VolAbroad, that’s exactly the problem…Moslims “quietly” tell you they think it’s wrong. Supposedly there are what is called “moderate” Moslims out there, if there is they have no voice cords. I’ll believe it when I see and hear them vocally standing against their violent brethern and refute Islam, the religion of beheadings and suicide bombers. I used to believe there were moderates within Islam, I’ve lost that idealistic notion and have come to see Islam as the religion of “pieces” not of peace.

  5. Osama Bin Laden Says:

    I posted the cartoons on my blog. But I’m glad to see The Tennessean and other Nashville and Tennessee newspapers have not done so. It’s wonderful to see the American media tremble in fear of Islam. Why, if I’d known Americans would cower in fear of publishing cartoons because of some riotous protests and a few threatening placards, I’d never have resorted to flying planes into buildings!