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The Tennessean’s lead editorial agrees with Tennessee’s decision to end the illegal alien drivers license program:

In the long-term, Tennessee’s decision on the driver’s certificate issue would be greatly helped by the adoption of a sensible federal immigration policy.

There is very little state government can do to address the problem — except to ask the state’s congressional delegation to tackle the issue at its root. It should make that request vigorously.

Donna Locke addressed the same issue in a letter to the editor (second item).

I actually think the driving certificates are a good idea — for legal noncitizens only. The driving certificates can be retained and should be issued to verified temporary-visa holders and lawful immigrants who aren’t citizens — not to illegal aliens. Illegal aliens should have no driving privileges in this country.

I’ve been a legal alien in other countries, and I was required to pass a local driving test and have a valid license.  But I was also required to be there legally for those licenses to be valid.  It’s not that difficult to set up a program that keeps legal aliens legal on the road.

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