what? no beer?

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Golfers and beer go together like crack and whores.

There, now that I’ve got your attention, Nashville’s Knucklehead blogger updates yesterdays Bear Trace golf post with another great observation:  Tennessee’s state golf courses don’t sell beer.  As NK says, "I know that we want a family atmosphere in our state parks, but this is golf."

I didn’t know that the state courses don’t sell beer.  Metro’s (Davidson County) courses do.  And they should. 

Did the four failed Bear Trace golf courses sell beer?  (anyone?)  If they did, and once taken over by the state, they won’t be able to do so any longer, does anyone think that they’re going to now be profitable as a dry course?

And if they didn’t sell beer before, and they still don’t, just what about the business model is changing that could restore fiscal responsibility to the courses’ operations?

Finally, there’s a larger point to be made about the concept of the government running enterprises that should be private, or as in the case of golf courses, are actually in competition with private companies.  Since government entities necessarily bow to political whims that limit them (like not selling beer on a golf course), they are already at a competitive disadvantage.

In general, it’s my strongly held belief that government just shouldn’t be in the business of running a business.

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2 Responses to “what? no beer?”

  1. Nashville Knucklehead Says:

    Beer at Bear Trace? No.

    Well, not any that they sell.


  2. Jeff Says:

    No beer at a golf course? There is no God!

    I play badly. I need the beer to help me get over my score.