mpd honors k9

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Some people might think that this is a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.  I don’t.

Update:  So that Scott and others won’t have to register, here’s an excerpt:

Aaron was the only Memphis Police dog to ever be named officer of the month.

He patrolled the streets of Memphis with the K-9 Unit for more than eight years, caught thieves and secured rooms for presidents. He retired three years ago, when owner and Officer Paul Keating noticed the German shepherd was getting arthritis. He died Monday. He was 14.

Police officers, family and friends honored him Thursday at a funeral service at Dixie Memorial Pet Cemetery in Millington.

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One Response to “mpd honors k9”

  1. Scott Randolph Says:

    Argh – I’d like to know what you’re talking about, but not enough to take the time to register.

    When will newspapers learn?