may she, and all who sank with her, rest in peace

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Arizona_mem_1 Would you like to read a draft of my daughter’s report about her visit to the USS Arizona?  Here is what she wrote before she left Hawaii:

On November 27th my family and I went Pearl Harbor to visit the Memorial to the sailors and Marines who died on the USS Arizona. There were many other ships sunk or damaged that day, among them, the battleship, USS Tennessee. Tn_mem_2

On December7th, 1941 the USS Arizona and her sailors slept late on a Sunday morning in paradise.  They were awakened by the bombing of their ship by the Japanese.  The sailors and Marines tried bravely to fight back, but many of them died. 

America lost at Pearl Harbor, but won the war.  Next to and above the Arizona is the battleship USS Missouri.  On that ship Japan surrendered.

Today you can still see a turret ring of the battle ship Arizona sticking above the water.  Oil still leaks from her hull.  Legend has it that the oil will leak until the last survivor of the battle dies.

Arizona_mem_2 On the wall of the Memorial are the names of the people who died that day.  Below that list is another list of people who have died since, and have been buried at sea with their shipmates.  Two of them were buried just this year.

Today Pearl Harbor is still the headquarters of America‚Äôs Navy in the Pacific Ocean.  Thousands of sailors and Marines are stationed there to protect us from future surprise attacks.

Postscript.  You must read this post by Gunner of No Quarters.  The original "Gunner," his grandfather, was a survivor of the Arizona.

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2 Responses to “may she, and all who sank with her, rest in peace”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    Your daughter is a great writer.

  2. gunner Says:

    Somewhere on the memorial is my grandfathers name. He is listed amoung the few survivors of the Arizona. On the right side of my blog is a link to “Why go by Gunner” and it tells of him.