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Bull Moose offers a long but thoughtful read on the current state of political affairs in Washington at the close of 2005.  Here’s a short excerpt: 

There is a great need for a serious opposition party to critique the Administration’s ineptitude in Iraq or its hapless policy toward the growing threat in Iran. During the Cold War, great Democrats like JFK and Scoop offered a more hawkish alternative to the Republicans.

Unfortunately, too many of the National Democrats play the role of modern Robert Taft/Henry Wallacites in the war against terror. Of course, there are some notable exceptions – but they are a distinct minority in a party that is animated by full-throated Bush rage. The great, and possibly only hope of the Democrats, is that the Governors assert power within the party. Maybe, they can reinvigorate the long dormant JFK wing of the party.

Democrats, don’t despair; Moose also takes on national Republicans as well: 

"The primary domestic objective of the contemporary GOP is to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted."

Moose also leaves us with a new phrase for the new year:

It appears that we have an entirely new category of politicians -the "hindsight heroes". They express disgust at those same policies that they either supported or did not strenuously object to until after they become unpopular with the Democratic base.

Read the whole thing.

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