honk if your team beat tennessee

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Big Orange Michael won’t be happy:  even Sports Illustrated is making fun of UT.

Disappointment of the Year

Tennessee: Only a few months ago, people were wondering if the Volunteers would compete for the national championship. I doubt Phillip Fulmer’s job is in jeopardy yet, but the loss to Vandy is going to shorten whatever grace period he’s got left. This leads me to our final award…

Bumper Sticker of the Year

Honk If Your Team Beat Tennessee

(ht: MS and TCC)

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6 Responses to “honk if your team beat tennessee”

  1. John H Says:

    Thanks for the bumper sticker link. That one line has perpetuated my sense of euphoria and has enabled me to be more irritating to the ‘orange-bleeders’ that occupy my work world. I enjoyed Monday morning more than I should have, and now I have something else to share.

    Thanks again!

  2. Sharon Cobb Says:

    Hi there,
    I came up with a bumper sticker when John Jay Hooker announced he is running for Governor. It reads:

    Vote for the Hooker
    Not for the Liar

  3. Mark Rogers Says:

    Very funny.

    Remember the Louisiana Governors race between Edwin Edwards and David Duke back in 1990?

    Two memorable lines were:

    Vote the Lizard, not the Wizard.


    Vote for the Crook, it matters.

  4. Glen Dean Says:

    Roll Tide Bob!

  5. sbk Says:

    Yeah, I was pretty amazed by the arrogance of the UT football culture that has the team “at rock bottom” according to a Nashville sports writer just because they aren’t playing in a bowl game.

    War Eagle!

  6. Frank Strovel, III Says:

    My favorite UT joke of the season went something like this:

    Practice was halted at Neyland Stadium today when a suspicious, unfamiliar white powdery substance was discovered on the field. Players and coaches were taken off the field as security experts investigated.

    Turns out it was just the goal line.