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I’ve spent a grand total of five minutes watching so-called reality television shows.  However, this report about the show Wife Swap caught my eye.

Even though I don’t watch the show, I understand the general premise:  two couples swap for a period of time.  No, it’s not that kind of swap.  The intention is to put people into awkward positions:  a black wife for a racist husband, a fat husband for an active wife, that sort of thing.

Apparently, the premise for this series of shows was a gay "wife" for a Baptist husband.  He’s outraged (he, the Baptist husband, not he the "wife"), and is suing to the tune of ten million dollars.

I think he should get massive stupid points for being on the show in the first place.  What did he expect when he volunteered for a reality version of the Jerry Springer Show?  However, he might have a case against the ABC producers of the show since it looks like they are trying to pull a tobacco executive defense:

ABC is confident that RDF Media, the producer of ‘Wife Swap,’ treats participants professionally and with respect.

Respect?  Yeah, right.  And cigarettes aren’t addictive.

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One Response to “fantasy shows”

  1. Chris Wage Says:

    That’s funny.

    I saw an episode of this show once, and it was just sad, more than anything. The woman that was the focal point of all the drama was clearly seriously mental ill (some form of social anxiety, or maybe schizo) and hiding it behind a veil of religion.

    It felt very exploitive.