rumor mongering

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I’m not much for political rumors.  Things like Libbyroveplamewilsoncheneyscootergate and speculation over various SCOTUS hopefuls often seem like nothing more than a platform for the punditocracy to spout their opinions.  However, occasionally I’m intrigued by such conjecture.

Blake Wylie offers a plausible speculative scenario that goes like this:  Harold Ford drops out of the Senate race (he’d be smart to do so), Jim Cooper runs for Senate (not sure Jim would be smart to do that), Bill Purcell runs for Congress (what’s up with the 5th district that it attracts deja vu candidates?), and Bob Clement runs for Mayor (some, including Bob, say that Mary should run instead).

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One Response to “rumor mongering”

  1. Rusty Says:

    I heard Ford was getting a nod for Supreme Court. Was Alito a last minute fill-in for Ford?