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A child conceived on election day last November would be born this week.  Nine months.  So why do so many people still display their 2004 election bumper stickers on their cars? 

I was a big Bush supporter during the runup to the election.  I had one of those oval “W” stickers on both of my cars then.  (I said “one.”  I have this thing about bumper stickers:  having more than one is like having more than one cat—it’s probably an indication of a problem.)  Within a week after the election I took my bumper stickers down.  I figured-we won; why gloat?  It’s not like President Bush is ever going to be running for President again, so why keep it on my car?  As for the Kerry stickers I see on cars, I ask you: do you really want him to be the Democratic nominee again? 

The record for sticker longevity has to be the red outline of the state of Tennessee with the word “Ned” on it that I saw on a car in Green Hills two weeks ago.  A child conceived on that election day would now be in high school.

On a related note, the Pinch Hitter over on South End Grouds remarks about the “God is not a Republican” bumper stickers he sees on cars.  Let me add that while it would be presumptuous of me to claim that God is a member of my party, it would be equally presumptuous for someone to claim that he’s not.  I have this feeling that God is a registered independent–but that would be presumptuous of me.

Update: math correction

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One Response to “sticky bumpers”

  1. Truman Bean Says:

    Amen Bob, on your bumper sticker longevity rule.
    If your candidate wins, leaving it on for a long time only serves to gloat or rub salt in the wound.
    If your candidate loses, you need to let it go and accept the result of the voting public.
    Either way, it only serves to further divide our politically active citizenry. When the need to practice public civility and political sportsmanship, is what our community needs after a hard fought race.