roundtable rolls on?

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This is likely the only time I’ll grab my checkbook to support a Bill Fletcher campaign.  Below is a letter I received from Fletch asking for donations to keep the Public Forum active in some fashion.  This is a worthwhile cause for all the reasons I’ve mentioned before

Whether you find your politics more in line with mine or Fletcher’s, please consider a donation.

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UPDATE:  The City Paper has a short story on some of the future possibilities of the Public Forum.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

Today it was announced that Teddy Bart’s Round Table would cease production as part of The Public Forum. This decision was made by the Board of Directors of The Public Forum, the non-for-profit entity that was set up a few years ago to build a statewide television network around the radio show. A story about the decision from The City Paper is pasted below if you want more details.

This decision by The Public Forum board will allow Teddy and Karlen to wind down the program and meet their basic obligations but they have real and pressing needs, especially for their employees, that will not be met … unless we act.

Today, Fletcher Rowley Chao, Inc. sent a significant check to The Public Forum. John Rowley, Ben Chao and I appear regularly on the show and we consider the Round Table family to be part of our own.

I am writing today to encourage you to make an immediate contribution to The Public Forum. Your contribution now will allow Teddy and Karlen to properly wind down the program and offer some support to their employees as they seek employment. It may also allow them to keep the Forum File email newsletter active even while they are off the air.

You can send them a check or you can make your contribution on-line at:

Or you can mail or drop a check by:

The Public Forum

555 Church Street, Suite 102

Nashville, TN 37219

Your contribution is tax deductible.

Although I am not speaking for Teddy and Karlen, I am convinced that The Round Table will be back on the air at some point as it has been for more than 20 years. Our community has benefited greatly from the civil, public-spirited discussion of issues of the day on The Round Table. It is easy to take such an important part of our community for granted.

I hope and believe that you and others will rise to this challenge and help Teddy and Karlen wrap up this particular chapter of the Round Table with class and style. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green, Libertarian or Druid this is your opportunity to make your voice heard and vote for The Round Table.

Forward this email to others in your circle and let’s encourage those in our community to rally around our friends.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bill Fletcher


Fletcher Rowley Chao

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5 Responses to “roundtable rolls on?”

  1. Says:

    Help The Round Table

    Bob Krumm emails: Bill Fletcher has put out a fundraising call. It’s likely the only time I’ll give money to one of Fletch’s causes. But this is a good cause. I put Fletch’s email up on my website. Please pass on the link or add it to your own page. I …

  2. South End Grounds Says:

    Helping The Roundtable

    Bob Krumm has posted an email from Bill Fletcher on how you can help the Roundtable if you’re so inclined. I’ll drop my check off tomorrow. Ben, a commenter here at the Grounds, has suggested we show up at the

  3. Truman Bean Says:

    I indeed plan to make a further contribution to this worthwhile mission.
    The silver lining in this financial problem,
    is that it has given the listeners an excellent opportunity to show the media how important this show is to many Tennesseans.
    The media is watching and will indeed take note when the Roundtable is resurrected in another venue.

  4. Nashville Is Talking Says:

    Don’t Go, Round Table, Don’t Go

    Blogger Bob Krumm is trying to save Teddy Bart’s Round Table, the long-running political radio talk show that will cease production on Friday. By publishing a letter he received from Bill Fletcher, CEO of Fletcher Rowley Chao, on his blog…

  5. Donald T. Wolfe Says:

    I and others in my family have enjoyed the Teddy Bart program for years. The discussions are civil, informing, interesting, and fairly presented. Please advise about how they can be salvaged and, if possible, improved upon.