four thousand nickels

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The Commercial Appeal reports today that Representative Lois DeBerry admits to taking $200 in cash from an E-cycle executive while she and Kathryn Bowers were on a gambling trip to Tunica.

Two-hundred dollars isn’t a lot of money.  However, the thing that piqued my interest was this:

As DeBerry recalls it, she stood before a nickel slot machine at the Grand when the agent handed her $200 cash.

"I was already at the machine. He came back there and said, ‘Look, I want y’all to have a good time for your birthday. And here’s a birthday gift to play with.’ ”

DeBerry said she dropped all $200 into the slots and won nothing.

Is DeBerry saying that dropped 4,000 nickels into the slot machine?  Get a life.

One other funny item was the “devil made me do it defense” where she blamed Senator Kathryn Bowers for her ethical lapse. 

[Deberry] told The Commercial Appeal she believes that her long friendship with Bowers, now a state senator, put her in a difficult situation that otherwise would never have happened.

Looks like DeBerry has decided to cast Bowers overboard.

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2 Responses to “four thousand nickels”

  1. Nashville Is Talking Says:

    We Waltz Again

    Bob Krumm links to a Commercial Appeal article today that is reporting that Representative Lois DeBerry took $200 cash from the E-Cycle front company that was the impetus for Operation Tennessee Waltz. DeBerry was on a gamblnig trip in Tunica…

  2. Bill Hobbs Says:

    I think Lois deBerry is lying Let’s do the math:

    As Adam Rose notes on his blog, $200 in the nickel slots would give you 4,000 pulls, and even a “tight” slot machine will pay off on some of that many pulls.

    It is unlikely DeBerry pulled the handle 4,000 times and never won a nickel. So, did she then gamble all the nickels she won on various pulls? Did any of her 4,000 or more pulls generate big winnings?

    In fact, did she really stand there and pull a slot machine handle 4,000 times? At 5 seconds per pull – about the amount of time it would take to drop in a nickel and pull the handle one time and let it spin – it would take a person 20,000 seconds to lose $200 in a nickel slot machine (if no pulls resulted in a win).

    20,000 seconds is 333 minutes, or 5.5 hours. She wants us to believe she stood there and played a slot machine for 5.5 hours.

    I don’t believe Lois DeBerry.